Project scope
Concept Development, Scriptwriting, Translation, Storyboarding, Video Production, Drone Photography, Video Editing, Subtitling

In January 2019, Olympus announced a corporate transformation strategy to further strengthen its position as a global medtech company. After making many changes over more than three years, the firm needed a new corporate video. The video would highlight the firm’s focus on medical technology and solutions.

The video had to give a general overview of Olympus’s 100-year history, its purpose, its business areas, and its range of products — such as endoscopes and video imaging systems — as well as its collaborations with healthcare professionals and its DEI and sustainability efforts. It would be used in a range of settings, including at events, during seminars, for recruitment, and on social media.

“It is great that we finally have an official company video — and the response from both the management as well as key stakeholders has been great!”

Creating a new corporate video

In the autumn of 2022, Olympus chose Paradigm to make this corporate video for the firm.

We worked closely with the Olympus team to arrive at a script and storyboards that covered all the essential information in a way they were satisfied with. We were also responsible for translating the full script into Japanese and Chinese, as well as one part into German.

In our pitch, we proposed sending our video team to Olympus offices in the US and Germany, as well as an R&D facility in Japan — an idea that the Olympus team was in favor of. It was our aim to use as little stock footage as possible and present an authentic picture of this global company, giving viewers the chance to see the firm’s strengths, diversity, and range of expertise on a global scale.

We carefully planned the shoots in the US, Germany, and Japan together with local teams. Then our video team, led by director Adrien Lacoste, spent a week in each location. They planned shots, updated storyboards, briefed extras, and met with interviewees. At each location, they shot interviews, as well as B-roll content — such as interiors, scenes with extras, and drone footage — in CinemaScope with vintage prime lenses to give the video a cinematic feel.

For the video to be made public at the start of April 2023, we worked quickly on post-production to meet an end-of-March deadline. In addition to editing, the team did color grading and audio mastering. We also suggested background music and worked with voice actors to record the voice-overs.

Once the edit was finalized, we applied subtitles. Then we cut the four-minute run-time down to two-minute and 30-second versions that could be used for social media.


Olympus’ corporate video goes live

Olympus’ new corporate video, in three languages, went live on the firm’s YouTube channel on April 7, 2023.

“I want to extend my sincere thanks to the Paradigm team for working on this project with us. It is great that we finally have an official company video — and the response from both the management as well as key stakeholders has been great! With the shorter versions now in hand, as well, this also gives us a lot of flexibility to cater to many different usage situations. It was truly a pleasure working with the Paradigm team on this.” — Hideki Okamoto, Brand Communications Manager, Global, at Olympus

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