Eurobiz Japan’s 10th anniversary celebration

Andrew Howitt  Editor-in-chief, Eurobiz Japan

January 2020 marked the 10th anniversary of Eurobiz Japan. On 30 January, we celebrated this significant milestone in the magazine’s history with a party.

“Our first issue came out 10 years ago this month,” said Vickie Paradise Green, president of digital creative agency Paradigm and publisher of Eurobiz Japan, in her speech. “This decade of publishing the magazine has been a fascinating journey. We are proud of each of the 120 issues we have produced.”

A perfect party

Some 100 people attended the event. They included the management of the European Business Council in Japan (EBC), members of the EBC and European chambers of commerce, journalists, photographers and advertisers, as well as the editorial, design and sales teams at Paradigm.

“The highlight of the event was definitely the chance to meet and talk with all the people that make Eurobiz Japan possible — not only the publishing staff, but also the advertisers and readers,” said EBC President Michael Mroczek.

Pullman Tokyo Tamachi’s bar Platform 9 hosted the celebration. Screens around the venue projected the covers of all 120 issues of Eurobiz Japan in turn. Many guests spoke highly of the hotel and the excellent job it did of hosting the event.

“The space was stylish, especially the outside terrace, and the food and drinks plentiful,” said Gavin Blair, a professional journalist and regular contributor to Eurobiz Japan.

“There was a great turnout, and it was good to see some of the people I’d interviewed over the years again, and to meet others I’d only spoken to on the phone — as well as to see a few fellow writers.”

Eurobiz Japan comes to life

Some of those who had been featured on Eurobiz Japan’s covers were also at the event to commemorate this accomplishment.

“Congratulations on this important anniversary — 10 years is a fantastic achievement. I always look forward to reading Eurobiz Japan each month,” said Leif Nilsson, regional general manager for Asia–Pacific at Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS), who was featured on the cover of the February 2013 issue. “Regarding the party, the atmosphere in Platform 9 was high on energy. All the guests seemed excited to celebrate this important milestone — and the cocktails were amazing.”

Trevor Webster, managing partner at Taylor Brunswick Group — who appeared on both the April 2015 and March 2017 covers — also attended.

“The Pullman was a great venue to celebrate a decade of Eurobiz Japan,” he said. “Thank you to Vickie and her team for gathering those who have been featured in the magazine, including the cover stories. And congratulations to all the team at Eurobiz Japan on your 10th birthday. I look forward to celebrating your 20th.”

Appreciation for advertisers

Green took the opportunity to extend her gratitude to our advertisers. She also reminded guests that the magazine depends wholly on advertising revenue.

“While the magazine industry is coming under intense pressure — with declines in advertising and increasing paper prices — we believe that niche magazines such as Eurobiz Japan will continue to do well, thanks to your continued support,” she said.

Nilsson, who has advertised in the magazine, noted the positive results he had seen.

Eurobiz Japan helped SAS to reach the right people in Japan with some important information,” he stated. “Through very good cooperation, we created a strong and clear message together.”

Communicating European interests in the years to come

Conversations throughout the evening turned to the years to come. Many guests expressed their confidence in the magazine’s future.

“I’m certain that Eurobiz Japan can continue to communicate the views of European interests in Japan,” noted the EBC’s Mroczek, “which is something that will only become more important with the success of the EU–Japan Economic Partnership Agreement.”