Multilingual Website Design & Development

Multilingual website design, coding and hosting

Visitor numbers and interest in Japan has never been higher. If your business has any connection with Japan, make sure your website stands out and is fully SEO ready today.

Not only do we design, build and host multilingual websites here in Tokyo, we can also help create compelling content that will attract and engage users. With 28 years experience in Japan, no other company has a better understanding of the nuances of its unique language and culture.

We can build sites using almost any modern platform, but are acknowledged experts in custom WordPress coding. WordPress is the world’s most popular website content management system (CMS), with about 60% of all CMSs built using it. Paradigm has vast experience in designing, coding and hosting custom WordPress sites — in fact, we have been using the platform since 2006.

We have built multilingual websites for a wide range of clients, from SMEs to major corporations. And because we are so experienced, we can produce amazing websites fast and for less than you might think.


There’s no point having a great website if accessing it is slow. You have the option of using Paradigm’s super-fast Tokyo-based servers for your new site. A slow website will deter users, so this should never be overlooked. We also guarantee 99.99% uptime, regular security monitoring, theme and plugin updates, hacking prevention measures and daily backups. An SSL certificate is provided free of extra charge, if requested. (This is highly recommended for security reasons and a slight SEO bump.)

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Seven great reasons to use WordPress for your bilingual website

Multilingual plugin support

We offer powerful multilingual solutions that support Japanese and any other languages you may need.

SEO-friendly by design

Built from the ground up, our websites make it easy for search engines to crawl the pages.


Being so popular makes WordPress a target for hackers. Our developers have years of experience successfully securing the code.


WordPress is customizable with plugins and themes to accomplish almost any web function.

Mobile friendly

We only use responsive themes that work on all screen sizes — from desktop to phone — so you are guaranteed a website that competes at the highest level on modern search engines.

Multi-user CMS

The WordPress back-end is extremely easy to use. Multiple users can be logged in without having to worry about data being overwritten accidentally.

It’s free

WordPress is an open-source project that has been developed for over 15 years. There are no hidden costs involved in using it, and it keeps getting better as monthly updates are rolled out.