Project scope
Prototyping/Wireframing, Web App UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Global Web Infrastructure Programming, CDN Server Architecture Engineering

With over 80,000 employees in 62 countries LIXIL needed a way to communicate with their people, and they needed it fast. Paradigm planned, designed, programmed, project managed and launched LIXIL LINK in just 90 days.

Since then we have also built a global brand asset web application that is tightly integrated with LIXIL LINK.

Captures of LIXIL LINK
Showroom of LIXIL
News page of LIXIL LINK
Japanese news page of LIXIL LINK
Single article of LIXIL LINK
Japanese single article of LIXIL LINK
English navigation of LIXIL LINK
PC image of LIXIL LINK
Brand Central Brand page
Brand Central Assets page

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