Project scope
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Paradigm builds a site and handles app development for carbide products manufacturer Tungaloy

The Japanese carbide tool manufacturer Tungaloy — in which renowned investor Warren Buffett owns a controlling stake — needed a world-class website that would reflect the firm’s world-class products.

Founded in 1929, Tungaloy provides carbide tools, friction materials, and other civil engineering products. Their clients are in a range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, heavy industries, and medical equipment.

Tungaloy chose Paradigm because we would be capable of meeting all their needs. They wanted us to build and maintain their global server, provide redundancy, and ensure the highest level of security and speed — factors of critical importance to the firm.

“Paradigm doesn’t behave like a typical agency … They work with you to understand the issues, the target, and the reason for doing something, then they find the best solution.”

The site

After the team at Tungaloy explained their goals to us, we started rebuilding the firm’s entire global site. First, we created a fresh, user-friendly design. Then we consolidated the look and feel of the brand across all the pages.

We also upgraded a number of functions. For example, the search results page can now draw from more than one database to show users a more comprehensive list of products.

Orders are placed for Tungaloy’s products from countries around the globe. So, the website needs to speak to each customer in their own language. To make this work, the more than 1,500 pages of the website had to be replicated for each language. We helped to migrate the content into the new design.

Since managers from different locations log in to look after their country’s pages, they should only be able to edit the pages they are responsible for. We created the proper permissions to ensure the site is effectively managed across every region.

With the custom staging environment we created, Tungaloy’s IT department is now able to develop their own features. Then they can have us test them and publish them to the live site, where we maintain and protect all new and existing code.

Now on a retainer contract with Tungaloy, we handle all the day-to-day updates on the live server. We look after everything from security and hacking prevention to site maintenance and updates for plugins and themes.

“Paradigm doesn’t behave like a typical agency,” says Raul Bou, Tungaloy’s global branding and communications specialist. “They work with you to understand the issues, the target, and the reason for doing something, then they find the best solution. Communication with Paradigm is like discussing something with another member of our team, which makes all the projects we work on together effective and easy to execute.”


The app

After the successful launch of the website, Tungaloy asked us to develop an app. They wanted the app to make it even easier for people to connect to the firm. It would be a way to quickly find and purchase the tools they need. And it would have to work on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Paradigm came up with the concept and design. Then, in the app development stage, we programmed and published the app. It includes a barcode scanner that uses the phone’s camera to scan the barcode of a previously purchased product. This takes them directly to the product’s page on the online store and lets them purchase the same item.

In addition, the app alerts users when a news article, press release, or product video is published on the website (if it’s available in their language).

“What I most appreciate about both the Tungaloy website and the app is how easy to use they are,” states Bou. “For me the UX is highly important — the experience of a random user is a key factor in ensuring a happy and returning user. It is always of extra value to work with a company that understands and shares this value completely.”

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