Time for change – rebranding Run for the Cure Foundation

Paddy O’Connor  Creative Director

Paradigm was recently approached by Run for the Cure Foundation to help them with a branding challenge that they felt needed to be solved.

They told us what began in 2002 as a charity run had become so much more; Pink Ball, Casino Night, Cuisine for the Cure, PiNK Magazine, PiNK Beauty Party, The Lemon Project, along with the original Run and Walk that were bigger than ever.

The foundation had many more exciting ideas and initiatives they wanted to try, but the name “Run for the Cure” had become a bit limiting.

We told them that many people already referred to them as RFTC, so why not make that the official name of the foundation? They agreed and made the decision to officially be known as RFTC — Japan’s Leading Breast Cancer Foundation.

The team at Paradigm then undertook a comprehensive brand audit. We examined all the possible brand applications to make sure the new identity could work effectively no matter where and how it was used. We also looked at the NPO brand landscape both in Japan and overseas to identify trends and possibilities.

We then worked closely with the foundation to develop some potential creative directions. After a number of phases of refinement we arrived at the final new RFTC identity. This was announced to the public at this year’s Pink Ball and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

The creative team at Paradigm will now develop brand application guidelines as the new identity is applied to a wide range of materials, including a new website that will launch later this year.